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This blog was created in 2010 when my father and I published Lyle Walks the Dogs, which he wrote and I illustrated. It features his work, including Courage, all the Lyle the Crocodile books, Ira Sleeps Over, and many other friends. I look forward to continuing to share news and observations.

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Bernard Waber

It’s been at least two years since this blog has been updated. My father’s illness took priority.  Almost a year ago, on May 16, 2013, he passed away at the age of ninety-one. You can read more about his life here. He was a wonderful and incredibly loving parent and grandparent whose kindness, curiosity and wisdom will forever remain with us.

A unique blessing of my father’s joyful life is that he left behind thirty-three children’s books, including Courage, the Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile series, and Ira Sleeps Over, in which he shared his humor, respect for children, and empathetic understanding of life’s challenges. He talks about his work here. The vibrant illustrations in his books were done with passion and wit. His great talent for composition, detail and characters shows clearly in each one. In both words and pictures he was a passionate perfectionist.

There have been wonderful developments in honoring his work. For this reason it is time to return, beginning with my own tribute. In soon to come posts I’ll share news.

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Drawings by Paulis Waber

This gallery contains 31 photos.

Here’s some of my other illustration/artwork. The plan,”as time permits,” is to create a future site of my own. Meanwhile, I’d rather keep drawing and writing. Click on the first illustration to begin the slideshow.

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Welcome Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile Storybook Treasury!

Lyle Storybook TreasuryWe are so pleased to welcome the publication of Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile Storybook Treasury, which celebrates 50 years of Lyle the Crocodile books! The book brings together favorite Lyle the Crocodile stories including, The House on East 88th Street, Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, Lyle and the Birthday and Lyle Walks the Dogs.

It’s a beautifully designed and produced book and includes some special features, such as an introduction by my father describing both the beginnings of his career in children’s books and the inspiration for Lyle the Crocodile. It also offers a link to a recording of my father reading The House on East 88th Street, and the counting game in Lyle Walks the Dogs.

Seeing the stories together brings back so many memories of my father hard at work (and enjoying every minute!) as he wrote and rewrote these stories and drew and redrew their illustrations. He was a perfectionist, so parting with the books to send them to the publisher was not easy, but off they went when he felt he’d done his best to convey the humor, empathy, love for children, and love for all things New York that he and Lyle the Crocodile share.

The book is very well priced at $10.99, a great value for all that’s included. We really appreciate the efforts of our publisher, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, to create beautiful books that families can afford to own.

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Happy to Announce – The Family Storybook Treasury

The Family Storybook Treasury

My father and I are so pleased to have our book, Lyle Walks the Dogs, included in the just published Family Storybook Treasury.  The book features a joyful story selection with classic characters including Martha the talking dog, Curious George, and our own Lyle the Crocodile, along with wonderfully illustrated poems. The beautiful gold cover does a great job of conveying what a treat this book is and it’s also a treat for grown-ups that the book is so affordably priced $13.86 for 8 stories, poems and a CD!

My children loved anthologies when they were young because they gave us choices, both to choose something different each time we read or to return to especially loved selections. I’m sure this anthology would have gotten a great deal of use in our home back in those days and I’m certain that it will be a hit with children who receive it.

Here’s a write up of the book in Publisher’s  Weekly. I was quite surprised and happy to see my work featured!

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Happy Birthday Bernard Waber!

Today is a very special day. It’s my father’s birthday. He’s 90. Wow! In his honor today, I’m posting the link to “How to Draw Lyle the Crocodile! ” Try it, it’s fun! Tonight, cake and song! Happy Birthday to a wonderful father and grandfather. xxxx

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Just edited the About Bernard Waber page of this blog with clearer information on my dad’s life and career plus many of the questions he gets from children. I was happy to include a poster he drew for bookpage.com when his book Courage came out.

Coming soon, “How to Draw Lyle.” That should be fun.

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